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Arrow keys to move left and right, and press up to enter doors.
Z to jump, walljump, and flap your wings if you have them.
X to attack.
Arrow down key in the air to do a downstab.
Arrow down key on the ground to block with your shield.
Press X while blocking to parry enemy projectiles.
Press SPACEBAR to pause and unpause the game

About The Game

Lulanda is going to be a platformer action RPG sorta game. You progress through the game by exploring the overworld map, entering levels and retrieving Cometite. As you discover more Cometite, more areas will open up. You can also uncover hidden routes and secret levels! Pretty exciting stuff. You can also spend your gems inbetween levels to upgrade your sword and shield, and buy other equipment. I guess the game is gonna end up as kind of a Super Mario World/Zelda 2/Alex Kidd kind of game, if that makes any sense! So pretty amazing in other words. This is just a very early demo and a proof of concept. If you have any feedback I would seriously love to hear it! Hit me up at my email address below.

About Me

I'm William Pellen, I do freelance website/logo design but in my spare time I work on game development. Want to let me know what you think of Lulanda? Email me at I work like crazy on this thing whenever I get the chance, it's exhausting, and sometimes I almost get driven into a berserker rage when things start glitching up, but I love it really. If you played it and have some thoughts to share or anything, get in contact asap buddy!

Made Any Other Games?

I've made one other game, yeah. It's Return To Booty Grotto, and you can play it on Newgrounds here. Be warned though! It's only my first game and while personally I love the little thing, it seems like a lot of people are turned off by the controls and how harsh/unforgiving it can be. Lulanda is a much gentler game.